Our Photographers

From the Chicago Defender, Chicago Tribune, and the Chicago Sun-Times, CAAAP members and their work have been featured in Chicago's daily newspapers. Over the ensuing years, members have participated in education lectures and exhibits at Loyola University, Northwestern University, University of Illinois – Chicago and Roosevelt University, along with appearances on local media. They have been interviewed on Chicago radio stations, WVON, and WBEZ and television stations, CLTV, NBC-TV, ABC-TV and written about in Vibe Magazine.
Members are listed along with their web sites and shooting styles. Our members shoot a wide variety of photographic mediums and we have it easy to select one for your needs.


In 1999, I started my career as an urban life, event, and travel photographer. I graduated in 2012 from Columbia College with a BA in Photography with a focus on Web Development. I also attended Spelman College as a Computer Science Major. I have branched into portrait, as well as corporate headshot photography. My work has been featured in the Chicago Defender Newspaper, the 2019 African Festival of The Arts 30th Anniversary Photo Exhibition at the University of Chicago Logan Center, the 2018 Solstice Exhibition at the South Side Community Art Center as well and the Silver Room in Chicago. I use a Nikon and Sony equipment, and my heroes in photography are Chester Higgins Jr., Carrie Mae Weems, Gordon Parks, Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe, and Michelle V. Agins. When I am not capturing images, I am flying the friendly skies as a Chicago based flight attendant for United Airlines for the past 31 years. In my free time, I live on social media, and I am a huge fan of Smooth Jazz.



In 1990, I began my love for photography at South Shore Community Academy. I received a NAACP ACT-SO bronze medal, Chicago Scholastic Arts Award & 2nd place best portfolio award for photography. In 1992, while working for A-1 Photo Service Inc., as a Legal Photo Lab Assistant, I continued taking college photo classes, as I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Information Systems from Chicago State University in 1997, and I am a current MFA graduate student at Governors State University majoring in Independent Film/Digital Imaging.
In 2011, after leaving my 14 year postal career due to health reasons, my love for photography continues. I have taken photo/graphic design classes at Chicago State University. I have assisted my Photo Instructor with several photo shoots. April 2013, I had my first art show at Studio 71 Art Gallery. And I have worked several photo projects. Currently, I am a member of the Sound/CD Ministry, Photographer/Videographer for the Next Level Drama Ministry at Carter Temple CME Church. And I am a member of the CAAAP (Chicago Alliance of African-American Photographers), SSAC (South Side Art Center) & Chicago State Alumni Association.


Cynthia Anderson is a native Chicagoan with several years experience in photo journalism. Her passion for photo journalism began while working in the property management industry. She has photographed building construction and renovations, disasters, resident activities, employee development programs for newsletters and companies Intranets. Her photographs provided historical archives for companies that tell a story of accomplishments and successes made by residents, company team members and community partners. Cynthia has also photographed a variety of events ranging from private parties, social gatherings, family reunions, fashion shows, worship services, and concerts to sporting and political events.

Cynthia enjoys life and living it to the fullest with family, friends and colleagues. While she has a strong passion and enjoys capturing memorable moments and events through her camera lens, she holds fast to a strong work ethic and principles of customer service and excellence.


Paul Bathcelor's area of interest is landscape, architectural, and photojournalism.

Founder & Lifetime Member
Bob Black

Bob A. Black started his career as a professional photographer in 1965, working at the Chicago Defender as a staff photographer. By the time Black joined the Defender, it had already established itself as the largest African American-owned newspaper in the nation, and had been fighting for full equality for African Americans since its inception in 1905. In 1968, Black left the Defender for the Chicago Sun-Times where he remains today as a photographer.
As a member of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), Black was one of the founders of the Visual Task Force, an organization of still and video photographers within the NABJ. He is also a founding member of the Chicago Alliance of African American Photographers (CAAAP), established in 1999 to bring together local African American photographers to promote their work and educate future generations.
Bob has been the recipient of numerous awards, including collecting first place at the World Press Photo Competition. He also actively pursues projects outside his work for the newspaper, including a series of photographs of life in the Dominican Republic and a series of photographs displayed along with other CAAAP members at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art.

Bernard Brown


Bernard Brown, Sr., his passion as a landscape and portrait photographer started 20 years ago and since that time he have traveled to Europe and Africa in search for the never ending opportunity to capture the essence of a moment frozen in time that can tell a story without spoken or written word.
Although I have been a photographer for 20 years, in order to adapt to the digital age I decided to enroll in a school for photographers so I am currently a student at the New York Institute of Photography as a student at large.
I call Chicago, Illinois my home and love living in a big city with all its faults and wonders.
I am a freelance photographer and have been a member of the Chicago Alliance of African-American Photographers for only 6 months but during that time I have met some of the most knowledgeable and sharing members so I plan on being with this organization for many years to come.

Founder & Lifetime Member
Milbert Brown


Milbert O. Brown, Jr. in 1963, a shy second grader told his parents that he aspired to become a reporter after writing a class story about the new young American President, John F. Kennedy. Brown later purchased his first camera by selling Grit newspapers to his neighbors in Gary, Indiana. By age 12, he was writing and photographing his family.
But, it was the viewing of a short feature film about legendary filmmaker, photojournalist and writer Gordon Parks that made an indelible impression on him. The experience exposed Brown to new and creative ways of storytelling and reporting. While at the Tribune he served as a picture editor and photojournalist covering local, national and international assignments. Brown was a member of the Tribune's 2001 Pulitzer Prize team for Explanatory Reporting. He also has received several awards in photojournalism for "Outstanding Coverage of the Black Condition," presented by the National Association of Black Journalists.
Milbert Brown graduated with a B.S. in journalism from Ball State University in 1978. Later, earning a graduate scholarship to study at Ohio University's prestigious School of Visual Communication, where he completed a Master of Arts degree in 1982. Brown was the Founding President of the Chicago Alliance of African American Photographers (CAAAP). In 1999, he conceived the idea to photographically document the life and culture of Chicago area African-Americans at the turn of the new century in a project titled "The Journey: the Next 100 Years." He co-edited and wrote the introduction for "The Journey," the project's book in 2006. Brown's website is: www.milbertbrown.com, is the Creative Director of Brown Images and web blog editor of "The Brown Report,".

Tenisha Brownlee


I specialize in capturing candid moments. I enjoy being able to freeze a moment in time with the click of a button. Having a digital camera lets you savior the memories that get pushed to the side. Joyful occasions should always be at the forefront of your mind. When I photograph an event or perso



I am a photographer because I love capturing the beauty and passion of every day life. Photography is a medium that records a moment in time. As a photographer, I enjoy finding a compelling image within that moment and sharing the story behind that image whenever possible. I am Crystal Wiley-Brown, I have a BA in English/Mass Communications from Spelman College and an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Clark Atlanta University. After working in corporate America for several years, I followed my dream to pursue photography as an art form and began extensive study at Columbia College Chicago. My photographic style is photojournalism with an emphasis on people. I shoot portraits, special events, nature and cityscapes.


Louis Byrd Photography

Louis Byrd III is an award winning photojournalist from Chicago's South Side. Specializing in editorial, special event/promotional, wedding and public relations photography, Louis has served as photo editor and principal photographer at Cachet Magazine and has also shot for both N'DIGO Magapaper and the Chicago Defender. A graduate of Columbia College Chicago, His work has appeared in Ebony/Jet, The Chicago Reporter, Proud Magazine, Journey Magazine and Eastman Kodak's online publication. Louis has done promotional and public relations photography for several advertising firms, corporations and non-profit organizations.
Those include: Flowers Communications, Burrell Advertising, R.J. Dale Advertising, E. Morris Communications, Lawry's Foods, Dominick's Foods, Jewel/Osco, Citicorp, Miller Brewing, Art Institute of Chicago, McDonald's/BMOA (Black McDonald's Operator's Association), American Bar Association, Cook County Bar Association, Inner City Games Foundation, March of Dimes Foundation, Juwan Howard Foundation, WMAQ-TV, WFLD-TV, WVON-AM, WGCI-FM/WGRB-AM and WPWX-FM (Power 92).
Louis' interest in photography was sparked by the fascinating photo essays he saw in Time, Life and National Geographic magazines as a high school freshman and developed a passion for "telling the story with pictures."
Louis has received numerous awards for his work including an award from the Chicago Association of Black Journalists (CABJ) for Excellence in Photography/Multiple Images; 1st place winner in the Chicago Alliance of African American photographers (CAAAP) Photo Shoot Out Competition for 2001 and 2nd place winner for Photographer of the Year.
Louis was also one of 50 black photographers that participated in a historic photographic project entitled "The Journey: The Next 100 Years" that documented life in Chicago's African American community at the turn of the century. That exhibit debuted at the Museum of Contemporary Art and the historic South Side Community Arts Center in February 2001 and has since toured the Chicago area.
Louis has also had his work on display as part of the Black Creativity juried art exhibit held at the Museum of Science and Industry in February of 2002.

Abena Sharon-Dale

Abena Sharon Dale developed a passion for photography at an early age. She graduated with a baccalaureate degree in Business Administration from Rosary College in River Forest, IL. Abena's artistic focus began as she studied photography at Chicago State University and has since explored and documented the beauty and interactions of the African experience. Her diverse photographic interests are documentary, photojournalism and events. She has been an active member of CAAAP since 2006. Abena is currently the CAAAP secretary and has served since 2007.
Ms. Dale's major influences are Roy DeCarava, Gordon Parks and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Patricia Epps

Patricia is interested in Photojournalism.

Charles Harper

Charles is an event and fine atrs photographer.


South side, Chicago native, Manford Holmes' love of photography began during his childhood. His parents encouraged him to take learning seriously, and have fun at the same time. The fascination began with the photos his mother kept in family albums. His father also taught him basic drawing techniques. Sometimes, they drew pictures using the photos in the family album. Manford even experimented, by water coloring a couple of photos in the albums. Painting and drawing became hobbies that lead to participation in art fairs, such as the Lake Meadows, Black Esthetics, and PUSH Expo, fairs. Photography grew, from a way to capture images that could be turned into paintings, and drawings, to a strong love of both photographs and paintings. During his teens, Manford even purchased a photo developing kit, on sale at Central Camera, to develop his own film. His father helped him use the kit, by turning their bathroom into a darkroom, after everyone in the house fell asleep. A former member of the Fort Dearborn Camera Club, Manford's basic photography training was provided through, trial and error, and classes at the Hyde Park Art Club, and the Hyde Park Art Center, under the instruction of photographers such as, Victor Powell. In addition to joining CAAAP, Manford continues to explore ways to exhibit work, and improve his skills using social media platforms.


I am Isadore Howard, a Chicago based freelance photographer. I got my start in the visual arts at Dunbar Vocational high school in Chicago, majoring in the graphic arts. After graduating high school I was accepted into bachelor of fine arts program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. While attending SAIC I change my focus from drawing and painting to photography, receiving a BFA in photography with a minor in drawing. After college I landed a full-time position as a corporate/industrial photographer with Lawson Products Inc. My tenure with Lawson lasted twenty-two years. At Lawson I develop several studio photographic techniques that result in huge saving in time and material. I shot all formats from 35mm to large formats, four-by-five, eight-by-ten. I travel extensively throughout the US and Canada shooting corporate conferences, executive portraits, new building construction, etc. I was the lead photographer in assisting the photo studio transition from a film base workflow to all digital format. It was from my recommendation that the digital cameras, lens, computers, softwares and lighting equipment was purchased. I had the added responsibility of learning this new system as well as researching the necessary upgrades as this new technology unfolded. After Lawson I have travel several times to sub Saharan Africa (Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin, Cameroon) on personal assignment, documenting the culture, people and the landscape. My photographs has been publish worldwide in countless magazines, newspapers, books, posters. For over forty years I have been the personal photographer for many, artists, galleries and art collectors. I am the official photographer for the African International House and Diaspora Rhythms art collectors organization. 

Sonja Hughes

My name is Sonja Hughes, and I have a deep love for photography. Our lives has so many stories, with different perspectives. I will bring these stories to life. May it be your wedding day, birthday celebration, or a new addition to your family, I will focus on the moment, while you enjoy your special occasion. Stay tuned, while I guide you on my photographic journey.


Don Kelly

Don Kelly is the co-founder and video-photo coordinater at Chicago Media Live. He is the CEO and Founder at The Spot Multi-media Center. Don has worked at UP Production and has studied History/Journalism at Franklin College and lives in Chicago, Illinois.


Jim Morris


President 2005-2007-I have been a member of the Chicago Alliance of African American Photographers since 1999. During that time, I have served as vice president, President, and as a member of the Board of Directors. Photographically, The Chicago Community Trust, Seaway Bank & Trust, and Hull House have displayed my images in their publications and my work has been represented by Flat File Gallery of Chicago.

Curtis Morrow


Curtis J. "Kojo" Morrow, author and jewelry maker was born March 27, 1933 in Chicago, Illinois.  66 years ago (now 76).  He decided that the Art's, would be the essence of his life and livelihood.  In 1965, he took a 3 week vacation to Africa, which lasted 11 years. "IT WAS LIKE BEING BORN AGAIN".  There he was taught the traditional African art of cow horn and ivory carving, a skill which enabled him to be self-employed and an employer. Since retiring,  he is devoting the remaining days of his life to TRAVELS and PHOTOGRAPHY. Revisiting some of the beautiful places he has been blessed to visit during his youth. "The Value Of Art(?) Is it a value the beholder places on it or the artist values? Frankly I could care less, since the love affair I have with any work of art I've created end when the work was finished. Also a work of art should tell its own story. Thus the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand-words." View his site  http://mysankofa2012.artspan.com/


Rosetta Porter Born in Chicago, purchased her first Nikon film camera to celebrate and document her daughter's 16th Birthday. "I took photography classes at Chicago State. That was the beginning of my photographer experience."

While serving in the Air Force Reserves for twenty years she has taken pictures in Germany, Paris, Panama as well as Cape Town in South Africa, Australia, church, family, friends and other interesting places and events. Rosetta was introduced to CAAAP during a display at Chicago State.

Worsom Robinson

As one of the photographers for the Chicago Defender, one of the oldest African-American newspapers in the country, and The Chicago Sun Times, his camera is omnipresent at any community, political or sporting event of importance. He is a talented and respected portrait photographer, and his pictures hang proudly in a dizzying number of Chicago homes. Worsom truly is a modern day "Picture Man."
"I have had photos in Vibe, Sports Illustrated, Chicago Defender, Ebony/Jet, and Chicago SunTimes to name a few. I have over 28 years of experience. If you have any questions or desire further information please contact me via email at worsom@comcast.net or 773-875-6666. I hope I can help U in anyway.


David Troutman-Wilkin

David Trotman-Wilkins- CAAAP President 2008-2009- is an award winning News Photojournalist formerly with the Chicago Tribune after working there for 11 years. David, a graduate candidate in the Photojournalism Master’s Program at Syracuse University’s Newhouse school, has been a member of the Chicago Alliance of African-American Photographers for 10 years, since it’s founding in 1999. David has been a practicing photojournalist for the past 25 years with several large and medium sized newspapers, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Syracuse Post-Standard. David is a graduate from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications with a BA in photojournalism and Sociology, 1975.
Dave, as he is known by his family, friends and associates is a resident of Syracuse New York, and enjoys many aspects of photography, but his specialty seems to be news, sports and documentary images. Dave’s other interest are travel and documentary photography, scuba diving, jazz music, cooking and the arts.



I'm a self taught photographer residing in the Chicago area. My main photography interests are portrait, street and travel.


I can't recall when I began taking photos. I think somewhere around my mid 20's. As a child I always enjoyed looking at the photo albums of my family and friends over and over again. My mother was my influence. She opened the door to photography for me. She always carried a camera. I began with a Brownie that my grandmother gave me. I used one of those awful Kodak cameras with the square bulb that never stayed put. Along the way my parents bought me my first REAL camera. Canon.
I hold a BA from Columbia College in Liberal Arts with a minor in photography. I have a MAS degree in Media Communications from Governors State University. I love to shoot everything! Of course primarily, in Black and White. I seek anything from events of any sort to birthday parties and from musical venues to civil unrest. I am an artist with a multitude of talents, yet a master at none. I consider myself to be a diamond in the rough. I really don't know the true definition of a professional photographer. My vision of self is that of a documentarian. That's what I strive to do through my photography. I just want the imagery to tell a story and I want the viewer to get it.

Lifetime Member
Michelle Agins

Michelle Agins served as Personal Photographer to the late Chicago mayor, Harold Washington, the first African American woman selected for this position. She was the first African American woman to join the International Photographers of the Motion Picture Industries Union. Ms. Agin's photographs have appeared in numerous publications such as Ebony, Jet and Essense magazines; The Chicago Tribune and the New York Times; Associated Press and UPI. She is prominently featured in "Songs of My People"; and "Viewfinders: An Anthology of Black Women Photographers." Ms. Agins has won numerous awards, and been nominated twice for a Pulitzer Prize.
Currently, Ms. Agins is a staff photographer for the New York Times and is working on a book and exhibit about Harold Washington.

In Loving Memory

We lovingly honor and remember those members who have made their transition.

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